Less Time at Airport Security – Gadgets and Tips

If u travel a lot or are an air mile junkie, you should watch the new Clooney film ‘Up in The Air’. It has a funny but dark perspective of the lives of these globetrotters. A lot of tips have been revealed in the film, for example how to feed off the air miles and not paying a cent for your expenses like eating in a good restaurant or shopping from the duty free. The secret concierge key and hitting the 10 Million air mile mark is quite an ambition for the main character in the movie and also seems quite fabulous when you get to meet the chief pilot of the AA and also the fact that 10 million mark has only been hit, supposedly, by 6 people altogether.

The idea behind this article and the reason for mentioning this film is to focus on the methods through which one can be efficient when it comes to checking in for a flight. A lot of new gadgets are now in the market, if used correctly can seriously cut down the average time you take to get to the departure lounge.

The first gadget would be a laptop sleeve. When going through the security checkpoints, you are told to take the laptops out the bags. If carrying a sleeve it can be easily fit into your back pack or luggage and can easily be taken out. Also most of the time you don’t have to take the laptop out of the sleeve which saves a lot of time. Sleeves are sold by many big names. They have added padding for protection, stylish design and the more you spend the more perks you get like room for a charger etc.

Second, your boarding pass. Consider not printing it at all. If you a Smartphone or an iPhone, download it via internet and just hand it over at the desk to be screened. This service is not widely available but is expanding. If not this, either prints it from home or at a self service kiosk.

Get a carry on gels liquid kit. These usually come with a zip top and bottles carrying up to the amount you are allowed to carry. No more putting them in plastic bags or chucking them away.

Slip on shoes or flip flops if on vacation to an island. You have to remove your shoes at the checkpoints, buy these and no more wasting minutes at the checkpoints.

Observe and get in line. When queued at the checkpoint, observe. Avoid getting at the queue with heavy travelers or families. Always look out for people who carry less and move fast, like you.

Luggage. Go for something simple and with wheels in the middle and a lot of pockets. Don’t fall for the looks. Nobody really cares how your luggage looks really.

Pillows, sheets and other camping gear are only needed when you are going on camping. Flying is a pleasant experience. You get all of these in the plane anyway.

Dress light. If going to somewhere colder, pack your jackets, gloves and hats in your bag. The airports everywhere are quite warm.

Remember: If not moving, travel light. You can buy things you need when you land.

Source by Nathan M Black

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