Gadgets and Gizmos For the Men, Cool Toys For the Big Boys

My partner loved gadgets and gizmos. His idea of the worst present on Christmas day or for his birthday would be a jumper. Women do tend to buy practical gifts and yet I know plenty of men that just love gadgets and gizmos. They are still young at heart. Shows like ” Click” and “The Gadget Show” have taken off because there is such a demand and interest in new gadgets.

Cool stuff and gadgets are to be enjoyed. Not all gadgets are terribly practical but who cares? Cool stuff is just that…cool and seriously fun.

If they could fill their rooms with stuff from the Gadget Show they would. So forget practical, think fun and let’s talk cool stuff.

One of the best selling boys toys in December 08 has been the Silverlit Remote Control Helicopter. Yes we have one of these and they are impossibly FUN. They don’t take long to control and to master something hovering above the fern on the coffee table is yes, cool. Another great gadget for music lovers are a pair of wireless headphones. Men really seem to think these cool and there are lots of brands to choose from. Sony always deliver quality and you can pick up a pair of these for under £35.00. The gifts I’m choosing for my husband this year is a Logitech Squeezebox boom.

You need broadband for this, it looks amazing, isn’t cheap at just under £200 but it really is a gadget! It basically allows you to listen to music from your computer in any room in the house! It is wireless has access to Internet radio and allows you to listen to all your thousands of music tracks on your pc. Clever. Lastly another gadget which isn’t expensive but is just funny is the Ray Gun Channel Changer. It costs under £10.00 and will make that habit men love of flicking channels on the tv so much more fun for them. You can always hide it after Christmas.

Source by Ann Smithies

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