Flea Removal – Affordable Flea And Tick Medicine and Home Remedies for Low Budget Pet Owners, Part 2

Part 1 of this series Flea Removal – Affordable Flea And Tick Medicine and Home Remedies for Low Budget Pet Owners shared tips on affordable remedies and how to purchase flea medication to get value of money. In part 2 of this series here, we will devote our discussion and share more ideas in home remedies.

The fleas life cycle is can stretch from a few days to as long as two years, depending on the incubation period. About 50 eggs are laid per flea per day and they hatch through a process from larvae to pupae to adult. The stage from pupae to adult could take from a few days to a few hundred days depending on the conducive breeding environment. The correct temperature and amount of moisture could see the birth of the adult flea within three to four days. Hence, in order to not encourage the environment, you need to thoroughly drown them out before they proceed to the final stage of the cycle.

Using shampoo with a thick lather and foam will smother the parasites before they can escape, therefore cutting down on their population on your pet. Then you could use an electric comb to zap the remaining ones for good. This should be used as the daily grooming routine. It will help to spot and get rid of those unwanted parasites early.

However, this must be a daily routine for your pet as the parasites residing in other areas like bedding, toys, upholstery, carpets are not easy to remove at one shot, even if you use fumigation and thorough home cleaning. It takes a period of time between which you need to conscientiously conduct home cleaning and pet bathing.

Never be lazy and delay bathing your pets or postpone your home cleaning. It is especially important to spray your carpets right away as flea multiply at an exponential rate. Use flea killers whenever required.

Another key tip you can use to cut the flea collar and insert a few segments your vacuum bag whenever you do cleaning. These collars prevent fleas from surviving and this method will ensure that the parasites in your vacuum bags do not survive.

You should also wash pet bedding and accessories once a week thoroughly with hot water and high heat dryer to ensure none of the fleas are spared.

Make it a habit to do home cleaning regularly and bath your pets well on a daily basis, and flea removal will be an easier tasks eventually.

Source by Yoshiko Choy

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