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To celebrate the launch of our China-based outfit, we’ve teamed up with CROSS STUDIO on a series of artist-designed Spalding balls. Each, which are limited to only 88 pieces per, lenses the world of art and sport through the aesthetics of Eric Inkala, Jasper Wong, and Rob Flowers.

Eric Inkala, whose work blends graffiti with pop and contemporary art, applies a past work to the ball itself. The design mirrors a painting he created in 2015, which essentially turns Inkala’s stream of consciousness into loud, aggressive patterns.

As for Jasper Wong, the seasoned artist thinks back to his childhood love of basketball. While he never became the NBA player he originally aspired to be, the passion remained, channeled atop the ball’s every panel. Playful in style, the artwork is by far the most vibrant and near psychedelic.

Rob Flowers, a Britain-based talent, rounds out the trio with an anthropomorphic element. His style showcases a love of both humor and characters, which is visible across the dunking sharks, ball-spinning trees, and athletic toads.

Enjoy a detailed look at all three balls below. All three will be available in limited quantity (88 pieces) at INNERSECT 2021, which opens its doors on December 30th at the Shanghai TX Huaihai mall.

Sneaker News x CROSS STUDIO x Spalding Balls
Event Date: December 30th, 2021

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