adidas Yeezy Foam Runner V2 2022 Release Info

adidas YEEZY has a habit of updating their silhouettes rather quickly. The difference between the 350 V1 and V2, for example, was only a little over a year apart. And it seems we may soon see the same thing happen with the YEEZY FOAM RUNNER, as leaks of a similar design have begun to surface.

There are quite a few differences, though. For starters, the shape is far less rotund than the Foam Runner, opting for a profile more reminiscent of a traditional sneaker. The clog-like design, however, remains intact, its single piece chiseled and ventilated through the entire profile. Underfoot, the outsole is replete with updates as well: the cut itself seems to proffer additional arch support and rubber treads have been added to both the rear and fore.

While it may lack any discernible YEEZY branding, it’s possible this could be the FOAM RUNNER’s sequel. It’s also likely that adidas themselves are offering a more accessible, mainline alternative.

In other news, the YEEZY 450 Resin releases tomorrow.

Photos: @sneakerjamz_new

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