Ghostbusters Reebok Answer IV Release Date

Undoubtedly one of the most iconic films of all-time, Ghostbusters has inspired creations on and off the big screen. Reebok, for example, has paid appropriate homage to the property via their own icons. And later this October, we can expect another collection led by silhouettes like the Instapump Fury, the Answer IV, the Zig Kinetica, and the new Ecto Boot.

In all pink, the Instapump Fury mirrors the psycho-reactive slime that appeared in Ghostbusters II. A semi-translucent gel provides a sense of realism, while the heel clip’s text offers “PROOF OF A GHOSTLY ENCOUNTER.” The Answer IV is a bit more subdued, its mostly blacked out construction turned visually and thematically colorful as its slobber details, red eyelets, and the like reference the terrifying Terror Dogs. Fans of the originals will likely find the Zig Kinetica unfamiliar. Its colorway draws inspiration from Muncher, a new ghost that appears in the upcoming movie. Lastly, the Ecto Boot takes the OG Ghostbusters and Reebok Pump shoe from the 80s and gives it a modern makeover, applying utilitarian features and a number of functional elements.

Enjoy a look at all of the above below and sit tight as we await word on the upcoming release.

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