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As Iindaco co-founder Pamela Costantini arrived at her Paris Fashion Week showroom today, the designer looked at her Instagram and was overcome with joy.

Costantini’s celebrity crush, Miley Cyrus, had just modeled Iindaco’s green Ade sandal in a series of Instagram photos taken yesterday in Austin, Tex. during the 2021 ACL Music Festival. The singer wore the bright mules with a beeded top and pants set, big hair and heavy eye makeup.

“I basically listen to Miley every morning. My Spotify is the best of Miley Cyrus,” said Costantini. “She’s a strong woman and she’s fun. She doesn’t care and she’s true to herself. She’s such a big celebrity, but no one can tell her what to wear or what to do,” said Costantini, who co-founded the made-in-Italy brand with Domitilla Rapisardi.

The founders first met when they worked together at Roberto Cavalli. They went on to other design jobs, and remained friends. “We started to talk about the fact that there was a lot of waste with materials in so many collections. We really wanted to do something on our own with all of our values — both aesthetically and also personally. We started to think about a sustainable brand,” Costantini said. 

The brand’s moniker, Iindaco, refers to the period just before sunset — when the sky is a particular shade of blue. “It’s the hour of the modern woman when everything changes,” said Rapisardi.

As part of their sustainability mission, the designers scours warehouses to find leftover materials from other luxury brands to create their capsule collections. They also rely on carryover styles to decrease the amount of waste they produce season to season, and constantly research sustainable materials to incorporate into the collection. 

For spring ’22, the Ade sandal, the brand’s signature, is evolving, but still features all of its identifiable elements.”We wanted to go more ’90s/2000s so we changed the heel a little bit, the flame, and we did it in all pink or all blue,” Costantini said. 

Overall, the goal for the new collection was to create a vibe that was “a little more sexier,” Rapisardi said. 

Domitilla Rapisardi and Pamela Costantini

CREDIT: Courtesy of Iindaco

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